Transition to Mobile – Why all Businesses can Benefit from This

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Transition to mobile (from laptops and desktop computers) is a similar one to the transition between desktop computers and laptop computers. You simply get more freedom to be wherever you want and work from any place you wish. Now with mobile phones (Smartphones) available everywhere, there is no doubt that they will continue to be the main device people use.

Nowadays, you simply don’t turn on your desktop or laptop computer just to drop a look on your mail. You don’t turn it on to check your social media or to do a quick Google search for the world’s best coffee or the translation of ベラジョンカジノを登録ボーナス. You are going to use your phone for that. And many people agree that the smartphone market is the fastest growing market in the world right now. Just imagine: in the next few years, another billion people might buy their first phone. I find that amazing.

Transition from Fast to Faster

This transition will certainly transform many companies around the world. Many will build iOS and Android apps to help their business stand out. There are many products and services being tailored for mobile users already. Every day there are hundreds of new mobile video games being published. Audio bookstores and ebooks are being created- productivity apps are going for the subscription model or ad-supported model.

In today’s fast world, it is very hard to have a loyal customer. The mobile app can keep customers focused on yours for a longer period of time. Sometimes they are just too lazy to install another app which is being supported by your competitor. Mobile apps are tailored to let you approach your clients directly- there is no middle.

Rise of Smartphones

The rise of the smartphone industry is to blame for lower PC (laptop and desktop) sales as phones do communication stuff extremely well. I doubt you would turn on your desktop computer to make a skype call, especially not if you had your phone in your pocket. Now we all walk with our pocket computers (I don’t mean a bunch of pocket PCs from the 90s and early 2000s), these computers are capable of controlling everything from our home to our bank account. Many people like their phones as much as their pets. With Tesla (Car company) for example, your phone is your car key as well as a device to control your car and get all info about it. Some other people would be lost without their phone. I speak literally because they use GPS regularly.

Businesses must change to adapt to this new trend which has been happening during the last two decades. Those who don’t will be forgotten. This is an ever changing field and the future will continue to evolve. If your business still doesn’t have an app and a mobile version of the website, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers, some say that it is almost as if you don’t even have any internet presence.