Taking Photos at Esports Tournaments

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Taking photos at any esports tournament is pretty simple. However, all you can get is a photo from where are you sitting. This can turn out to be not very interesting. But if you are a journalist or you have a journal pass, then you can go behind the scenes. You can get up close and personal with esports players and take some of the most amazing photos in the industry.

You might be thinking that taking good photography at an esports tournament has no artistic value. But you would be terribly wrong. With the rise of esports, there is a need for high-quality esports photography. For example, when you bet on sports at Mr Green, you can now also see the odds for eSports tournaments. These are not so easy to take and edit because of their wild lighting. The whole setup is pretty challenging for photographers and to get good composition is everything but simple.

There are lights flickering in different colours. It feels like you are at a concert looking at the stage. But instead of the singers and bands and loud speakers, you get people lined up in front of computer monitors or consoles with TVs attached to them. All of these players are dressed in hoodies or other street clothing but they do have similar or same colouring. For the photographer this makes things easier.


Arenas in esports tournaments can be beautiful. It contains modern shapes and lighting effects. If you zoom out, you can capture the whole shape of the arena. If you apply the design rule of thirds, you can get a very decent photo from the whole event.

Team Work

If you go behind the scenes or get close to the stage of the arena, you can see teams talking to each other and doing team gestures such as high fives and handshakes. I’m guessing this can only be followed by hugs after a good win or “sad faces” if the match was lost.  These moments can be captured with ease because players are not so good at hiding emotions. Esports also don’t care about that because this is not a poker game where faces can’t give away a lot of details.

Shiny Computers

If you are a gamer or esports player, you know that everything now has to have RGB lighting. From keyboards to mouses to headphones, everything has to have the light and chosen colour. Not just any colour, but a chosen colour. This does look nice on the camera. The reflections of these LED lights can look very interesting if used right. The desktop machines used in the arena are also a wonderful hardware to look at. They are all beefy looking and everyone wants them. They are very expensive though. Instagram is probably a perfect place to post these photos.

Show the Sponsor

All the gear, clothing and everything else that is a part of esports culture, is sponsored by computer hardware manufacturers or software companies. And these are probably going to be the part of esports photography. Many of these companies are well known in the tech world.