Best Websites for Showcasing Your Photography and Video-Making Skills

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There are websites where you can showcase your photography and you can even earn a few bucks over there. These sites work like social media of a sort. You can present your videos, photos, audio effects, movie clips and/or anything else you create digitally. It is all being sold to various YouTubers, journalists, TV stations, movie makers and Radio stations along with other websites and so on. Let’s take a look at a few of these websites where your creation will be seen by others and maybe even bought.


This is an old site where many people recommend it for the purpose of making extra money online. However, not everyone agrees over this fact. For some, this site does not actually make any money at all. This is because they are not listening to the market. You must create content that the market wants, not some artsy stuff that nobody can use as part of their project.

Nonetheless, this is a quality site and resource to present your work to the potential buyers and clients. You can also see some interesting ideas and projects others have presented and compare them to yours. This will help you improve and show you what the market actually wants. You can upload images and videos to Pond5.


Shutterstock is another website that allows people to present their resources and sell them to clients. Here, not only can you upload videos and photos you took, you can also upload audio and sound effects. This is a more general platform for designers and artists. You might even be able to find some video clip that you need for your own movie or project of some other kind.


This site is a bit different but for the same purpose – to showcase your audio-visual work. Here, however, you can only share your work for free. It is a place to share high quality work, but all the resources you can find on this site are actually available for free. I’m not sure if this is true if you can use their work for commercial purposes, but if you want, you can offer your photography or video clips for free. This site and others like it will help you do it with minimum effort.

Here you can also compose collections of images that you like. After surfing the website for a few minutes, I noticed that the images are truly high quality. I recommend you drop a look. And if you wish to contribute, I encourage you to do so as your work will shine best next to other work.


Another gem on the internet. This website is used for selling and buying high quality stock photography. It is free to put your images up for sale. So if you think you have what it takes, you should try with a few hundreds of high quality images you made and give it a try. Who knows, there might be a good audience for you out there. You might get to meet some fans you never knew could exist.

On this site everything is sorted into categories. If you can’t seem to find the right category to put your work in, you should probably think very hard about what you are doing and rethink your strategy.