Gambling Advertising Videos – How to Abide by the Law and Tips

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Advertising is a living creature. It evolves and changes. Also, ads need to be approved by TV stations and other media outlets where it will be shown in many European countries and the U.S. advertising industry is very tightly regulated. Some rules range from common sense all the way to very interesting. The kind you would say “I had no idea” to.

Among the common-sense ones you can see that you can’t show nudity on national TV stations. Less common ones would be that you can’t actually run your ad for hours because it doesn’t classify as an ad anymore. In the internet world, Google has put together a nice rule list for gambling ads and promoting Virgin casino promo code as an example. So rules are everywhere and you must examine them carefully. Here are some pointers you should pay attention to in case you are a gambling operator.

Don’t Advertise to Children

If you are showing your ad on the website of a football club, you must never show gambling ads on the website sections for kids. Most clubs now have a junior team and fans. We must all come together and be responsible that children are not the targets. If there are kids shirts being sold on the website, no gambling operators logos should be presented. Again, target the grown up audience only.

Tougher Standard to be Introduced on Gambling Advertising

Another very important tip: never present a sense of urgency during a live football match. It is against the football association rules for gambling companies to use slogans such as “bet now!” during a live event. This is inappropriate- the sense of urgency is not needed in this industry because this kind of ad might appeal to problem gamblers. People who see this and have a gambling problem, will be reminded to continue with their overboard spending and possible ruining of their lives because they gamble too much. Gambling should stay within entertainment zone and not ruin anybody’s life.

Social Media and Gambling Advertisement

Twitter is one of the best known social media sites. On it you can advertise gambling content. However, it depends on the country. If you target a country where gambling ads are not allowed, you would be breaking the law in that country. So be sure to read the terms of services on Twitter (or any other social media site) and carefully target your audience so you don’t get into trouble. Stay away from countries where you are not allowed to promote gambling content by law.

Misleading Ads

Never promote misleading ads. Back in February 2018, Foxy Bing owner was fined 350,000 pounds for this reason. This was reported right away on Guardian. Bad business and bad image like this cannot be easily shaken off. Be mindful and examine every single ad you are producing and carefully pick your audience. Think about the message you are sending out into the world as that is how your company will be portrayed.