Famous Photographers

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Matt Mullenweg

This Matt is the one of the most important people in the world, according to Google Search. He said this in one of his blog posts. He was known as photomatt at some point as well. He is also a photographer. What else is he? He is the founder of WordPress, Jetpack and many other projects. He is the CEO of automattic.

Matt travels around the world and he takes very interesting pictures. He posts them on his blog (ma.tt). He is an inspiring photographer of his surroundings. I always stop and appreciate those tiny moments of photos he took while running in the woods or pictures of doors in Barcelona. They are very colourful doors and it seems like all the doors there tell their wonderful stories of people who walk through them. But it’s just Matt’s ability to spot things and translate them really well to the viewer.

Sometimes he presents photos of events, such as the WordCamp in San Francisco. You can see it in full on his photography blog. You can get a decent picture of the whole event. Video is one thing, but photography is a powerful tool in the right hands, and Matt has proven this time and time again.

Nicholas Boothman

Nicholas is known for his books but he also worked in advertising for 25 years by founding an advertising company called Corporate Images. He published a book called “How to Make People Like You in 90 seconds or less”. However, with such a huge advertising experience, his photography speaks for itself.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

On a more serious note, Henri Cartler is known as one of the best, if not the best photographers in the world. Every list on the internet actually starts with his name. He started something called ‘street photography’. He realised that he could capture a lot of life on the street. He switched from painting to photography.
In his street photography, you could often see a puddle and a reflection of a person in it. Others might include a person jumping over the puddle. He achieves a unique perspective and reflection works. A few other famous photos have been taken in the rain: people running in the rain or people holding an umbrella.
Street photography has evolved into what it is today. And many modern photographers follow Henri’s footsteps.

W. Eugene Smith

He is a photojournalist from Arizona, USA. During the World War II, he was injured while taking photos. He took some of the most important and stunning photos in Japan.  Smith’s archive of photographs is wide, he even took photos of Charlie Chaplin. His photography makes him a true witness of his time.

At some point in his life, after the war, he came back to Arizona where he was teaching a class in the Art Department which is part of the Arizona University. He suffered a massive stroke in 1977 but he did make a partial recovery and continued to teach and work on his photography until the 15th of October 1978 when he suffered another massive stroke and died. He is one of the greatest photographers of all time and a true master of the art. He was there for the greatest moments in human history and will always be remembered for it. All of his photography can also be found on the internet.