Creative Photography Ideas

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The best camera you have is the one in your pocket. That’s because it’s actually present. The super high quality DSLR at home will not do much once you are outside looking at a pretty sweet sunset. So the camera you are already carrying on you will be the best one. Most people reach for their phones once the occasion arises.  

Here are some of the creative photography ideas that you should take into account when thinking about your new project. Most people shoot in macro mode with the background blurred but these can be taken in most modes on your camera.

Coloured Smoke Photography

When you add smoke to certain situations, it gives it a special effect. For example, the light can be seen travelling through the smoke. Some subjects can rise from the coloured smoke. The smoke you actually have to use for this purpose does not need to be in the right colour. Even white smoke could do. This is true if you have at least some skill in photoshop. In this powerful photography manipulation software, smoke colour can be easily changed from blue to orange, yellow to green and white to purple. The sky is the limit or your creativity is the limit.  

Water and Water Droplets

Water has many properties and these might make you interested: ice and liquid forms. These have the incredible ability to bend light. Water is the source of life, and as such, can be used as a metaphor. It can also be used as a very reflective surface. In certain situations it can mimic the mirror.  

If you put your camera in macro mode and look at the wet leaf you will see many tiny water droplets with each one having its beautiful effect on the leaf. If you insert some light into the equation, you will get some very interesting photographs. That kind you will be proud to share on Instagram or other social media. You can also license it to be used commercially on sites such as Pond5.  


Humans are obsessed with their image. If you take into account the whole number of living beings on Earth, humans are the only ones taking selfies all the time. If you turn on the TV, you will see humans on the largest number of stations. On the internet there are only humans and cute kitty videos everywhere. Taking photographs of humans might seem easy but if you wish to take an exceptional portrait, you must take into account the lighting,  setting and the location. There are three types of lighting. Effective use of all of these design elements that you can come up with in a photograph is worth to be in a museum. People are truly an unlimited source of creativity and the highest highs have not been reached yet in photography.


You should visit the most wonderful cities in the world and take pictures of them. But only the right combination of the time of day and composition will output the best result.