Filming poker events

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If you have played poker at least once in your life, you might remember the feeling of excitement and expectation. But if you have tried to record those feelings by taking a photo of poker players or making a video, you know that this can be a futile effort. What you most likely end up with is a recording of expressionless people sitting around a table holding cards in their hands.

You may now think that you should give up your dream of making recordings of poker events, but don’t give up on this yet only to go back to searching for a Card Price maximum prize at the next online casino. There is a way how you can make exciting videos. Actually, The World Series of Poker has been doing it for quite a while.

Set up many cameras

First of all, you will need to set up many cameras. There should be at least one mobile camera that will film the whole poker table with all the poker players. It should film them from many different angles, which will make your video more dynamic. There should be 4 more stationary cameras with the focus on the players’ faces. You should try to record their facial expressions at the moment of making decisions as timely recorded expressions of the players will add a touch of drama to your videos. Finally, you will need a set of cameras attached to the poker table. These cameras are supposed to give us an insight into the cards the players are holding. This will also make your video more appealing because viewers may be able to learn some tricks that they can use when playing poker themselves.

Get commentators

When filming poker games, you must not forget that not all people who watch them know everything about poker, so you should have a commentator. A commentator’s job is to explain what happens during the game and add to the excitement as much as possible. When filming more poker games, you may need two or more commentators. One commentator should be a professional commentator, while the others can be celebrities or retired professional poker players. You can record the commentators with only one camera if the tournament is very long; if not, you don’t need to film them at all.


Once you are done recording, it is editing time. You should try to make the poker game as exciting as possible and you can do this by making changes to your recordings. For example, you can start your video by zooming in on an empty poker table for a few seconds and then you record the poker table from a bird’s-eye view. After that, you start introducing the players one by one, constantly changing the angle to focus on each of them as they sit at the table. One perspective should not stay dominant for longer than a few seconds. You should vary the scenes and the frames if you want to make a dynamic and exciting video.  

Making a great video of poker games is definitely not an easy job and it may take some investment if you want to have the proper equipment. However, if you follow our suggestions and add some of your ideas, you will be able to transfer the excitement of poker to the screen. Once a boring video to watch will become a drama with many twists and turns.