Can AI take photos?

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We cannot deny that remarkable advances in technology have considerably changed the way people live nowadays. Some things that used to be part of science fiction movies or were otherwise unimaginable, like Campeonbet, have become reality, . People once thought that intelligence was uniquely human, but science has shown that machines can think like human beings too. This is known as artificial intelligence or AI.

Our smartphone knows us better than we know ourselves

Artificial intelligence has spread into various spheres of life. In the workplace, AI replaces people and takes over difficult, dangerous or tedious jobs. It is widely used in business, retail, and customer support.  Self-driving cars are an example of how AI is used for transportation. AI is also used for entertainment, such as in casinos for calculating odds and quotas.

Simply put, AI is part of our everyday life. We can use our smartphone to think instead of us. There are numerous applications that can tell us what to eat, how much to exercise, whether we are sick or not, what movie we want to watch, whether we are happy or sad, and so on.

Smart cameras

When it comes to photography, the most obvious influence of AI is the fact that cameras are becoming more and more automated. If you are not a professional photographer, you don’t even need to know how your lens works or how to choose the right settings for your photo. The only thing you need to do is set the auto mode on your camera, and your camera will adjust itself.

Furthermore, AI can recognize and regulate different levels of light. For example, you go on vacation to Greece and you want to take a photo of the Acropolis, but the weather is cloudy. Your smart camera can help you in two ways. It can calculate how the Acropolis would look in sunny weather and you can get a photo of a sunny Acropolis. The other option is to set your camera to take photos only when it is sunny and then your camera waits for the right conditions, while you can enjoy having a drink or swimming in the sea.    

Face recognition

In addition, it is important to mention face recognition systems which represent another use of AI in photography. Face recognition systems can identify and verify people from digital images or videos and they can help you take perfect photos of people. Your photos will no longer be blurry, because your camera can recognize and regulate distances and can sharpen your photos accordingly.

Finally, AI-powered cameras work with algorithms instead of optical processes and they are constantly being improved so we can expect many more uses of AI in photography in the near future.